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About Us

Ghana Nursing & Health Center (GNHC) is a voluntary organization that was established in 2010 to provide comprehensive health education to both immigrant and non-immigrant African populations in the Washington, DC  Metropolitan areas. Ghana Nursing & Health Center also provides the needed health education to populations in Ghana. We offer information on nursing in Ghana, global nursing and health issues.

Ghana Nursing & Health Center believes that prevention, early intervention and health education are very important areas of healthcare and have the potential to make a great difference in the overall health of our community.

We offer a variety of services in these areas, including health screenings, health education, support groups, nutrition counseling, fitness resources and many educational (and fun) classes and events. You can also schedule one of our speakers for your club or group.

There are three goals that guide and motivate GNHC's initiatives and activities. These are:


       1. Promote primary disease prevention practices

       2. Explore the possibilities of advancing the image of Ghanaian nursing worldwide
       3. Provide a strategic platform and direction for consolidating the gains attained by                   Ghanaian nurses.

Follow the menu above to learn more about us, or feel free to email questions to Thanks so much for your interest in Ghana Nursing & Health Center!

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