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July is World Heart Month

Just a few weeks ago, we lost our Boss Player to sudden cardiac arrest. He was 41 years old. Folks, once again we are being reminded of the need to take good care of that indispensable HEART.

The heart and blood vessels make up your circulatory system. Your heart is a muscle that pumps blood through the body. The heart pumps blood carrying oxygen to large blood vessels called arteries and small blood vessels called capillaries. Other blood vessels called veins carry blood back to the heart. When cholesterol is too high, the insides of large blood vessels become narrowed or clogged. This problem is called atherosclerosis. 

Narrowed and clogged vessels make it harder for enough blood to get to all parts of your body. Narrowed blood vessels leave a smaller opening for blood to flow through.

Heart and blood vessel disease can lead to heart attacks, sudden cardiac arrests and strokes. You can do a lot to prevent these setbacks by: eating healthy, exercise regularly, reduce stress, get good sleep, manage your weight, drink water and cut down on the soda, stand up straight, avoid excess caffeine, no alcohol, eat your fruits and vegetables, don’t smoke.......and finally NO RED MEAT!!!!!

Remember, we have only one life to live. Take care of yourself. Peace!

Credit: World Health Organization

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