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The Ghana Nursing & Health Center, headquartered in Woodbridge, VA, is a nonprofit organization since 2010. Our Mission is to: "To positively impact the health of communities in the Washington DC area and Sub-Saharan Africa through educational and health outreach programs". 


The GNHC fulfills its mission by: 1) funding targeted health projects; 2) providing education, hope and support for health deprived communities; 3) advocating for effective public policies focused on primary disease prevention; and 4) collaborating with others to promote awareness and encourage prevention of diseases.

GNHC's primary activities include:



GNHC helps patients and their communities better understand diseases, its causes, related conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney diseases, and the currently available management options that can minimize its impact on their health. We do this by providing the best, most scientifically-grounded information on these diseases. 


GNHC is a vocal advocate for a patient community that needs to be heard. We work to increase public awareness of disease conditions and build support for improved patient support systems.

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